Seven Year-End Adjustments to Make to Your Books

Posted on 15. Dec, 2014 by in Bookkeeping Articles

Year-end is coming up for many businesses, and it’d be nice to know what your final revenue and profit numbers will be for the year.  Before we can calculate these key numbers, there are year-end adjustments that may need to be made to your books that will change the numbers. Here are seven common ones. […]

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Quick Tips for Giving Bonuses

Posted on 15. Dec, 2014 by in Small Business Tips

Year-end is a great time to think about rewarding your staff for a job well done in 2014. Here are a couple of quick tips to help you make the most of giving bonuses while protecting your business and cash flow. Timing.  Would you be better off timing bonuses in this year to reduce 2014-year […]

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Breaking News: 2015 Standard Mileage Rates

Posted on 12. Dec, 2014 by in Bookkeeping Articles, Misc. Articles, Tax Updates

The IRS has just released the standard mileage rates for 2015. For business use of an automobile, the rate will increase to .57.5 cents per mile. For medical and moving expenses, it is decreased a half-cent to .23 cents per mile. For services to charitable organizations, the rate stays at .14 cents per mile. You […]

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Five Ideas for Better Finances in 2015

Posted on 10. Dec, 2014 by in Small Business Tips

We are soon approaching 2015 and now is a good time to review these top five financial items: Conduct a new withholding calculation. There is nothing worse than a surprise at tax time either with a large tax bill or an overly large refund. Estimating proper withholdings was tough to do in 2014 with all […]

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Make Lists: Save Money

Posted on 03. Dec, 2014 by in Small Business Tips

Making a list and checking it twice. Santa uses this idea to discover who is naughty and nice. You too can use this simple idea to keep more hard earned money in your pocket. Here is your list for making lists (to save money!) Make a shopping list. Whenever you go shopping, whether it be […]

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Financial Matters and Aging Parents: How to Know When to Step In

Posted on 26. Nov, 2014 by in Misc. Articles

As the baby boomer generation ages so do the parents of the baby boomers. With this aging process there will come a time when a parent needs help. Much of the focus centers on managing things like transportation, mobility, health care, and home maintenance. Harder to spot is the need to help with bill payments […]

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Holiday Budgeting Ideas

Posted on 20. Nov, 2014 by in Bookkeeping Articles

Tips to keep you and your pocketbook happy this holiday season With Black Friday just around the corner, now is the time to plan or review your holiday budget. If you’re not careful, holiday spending can create a financial burden that lasts well into the new year. Consider these ideas to help you make the most […]

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Seven Little Money Savings Ideas

Posted on 19. Nov, 2014 by in Small Business Tips

The holidays are a time of year when spending habits are top of mind. Want to save a little this season? Here are seven money saving ideas that can quickly be put to use to save more of what you earn. Play the waiting game. When you want to make a purchase, force yourself to […]

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Time for a Credit Checkup?

Posted on 14. Nov, 2014 by in Bookkeeping Articles, Small Business Tips, Website Resource

Given all the data breaches at major retailers and the identity theft problem at the IRS, it is recommended that you check your credit reports at least once a year. Credit reports often have errors in them and this quick check-up can be the first indication that some form of identity theft has taken place […]

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What’s Your Hourly Worth?

Posted on 12. Nov, 2014 by in CEO Tips, Small Business Tips

Time is the most precious resource on the planet, but sometimes we don’t treat it that way.  In our businesses, it’s important to get everything done, but we can also get overwhelmed with all the little things that need to be done to take care of customers.  One of the big differences between highly successful […]

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