My Favorite Things: Fujitsu ScanSnap Scanner

Posted on 13. May, 2015 by in Bookkeeping Articles, Misc. Articles, My Favorite Things

There is not a day that goes by that I am not using my Fujitsu ScanSnap Scanner (Model ix500). I have had many a scanner over the years and this one is by far the best one I owned. For one, it is compact and folds up neatly not taking up valuable real estate on […]

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The Best Payment Terms for Faster Cash Flow

Posted on 12. May, 2015 by in Bookkeeping Articles

A great way to speed up your cash flow is to get paid faster by customers who owe you money. One way to do that is to examine your payment terms to see if you can accelerate them. First let’s talk about what payment terms are common. Then I’ll share a study that showed which […]

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The Short and the Long of It

Posted on 22. Apr, 2015 by in Bookkeeping Articles, Small Business Tips

The balance sheet is one of the main financial reports for any business. Among other things, it shows what a company owns, what they owe, and how much they and others have invested in the business. One of the characteristics of a balance sheet is how it separates what you own and what you owe into […]

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Cool Tech Tools: Google Drive

Posted on 14. Apr, 2015 by in Small Business Tips, Website Resource, Windows Resources/Tips

Google Drive, which used to be called Google Docs, is a great way to collaborate with team members and stakeholders that are in a different location than you are. Here’s a quick introduction (or refresher) on how to use this powerful collaboration tool. Google Drive is a browser-based application that allows you to create documents, spreadsheets, […]

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Meet the Third Hand Team: Vaunda Davis

Posted on 12. Apr, 2015 by in Misc. Articles

I would like to introduce you to Vaunda Davis. Vaunda joined Third Hand Bookkeeping Service six months ago. She brings over 20 years of accounting and finance experience with a bachelor of Business Administration and Management in addition to a Masters of Business Administration, Finance. Vaunda has quickly become a valuable member of the Third […]

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Does Your Accounting Department Have Holes In It?

Posted on 10. Apr, 2015 by in Bookkeeping Articles, Small Business Tips, VirtualConnections Newsletter

You’ve got someone to do your federal and state income tax returns, and you have a bookkeeper. So that’s all that a small business needs when it comes to having an accounting department, right? Wrong. Large companies have many functions in their accounting departments, and small and mid-sized businesses need many of the same functions […]

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Maximizing Your Refund Power

Posted on 13. Mar, 2015 by in Bookkeeping Articles, Small Business Tips

One of the highlights of the year for many Americans is the receipt of a refund check from the IRS. Before you run out and book a big vacation with this new found wealth, here are some ideas to consider for your refund. Pay down credit card debt.Lenders are continually increasing fees and interest rates, […]

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The Benefits of a Sole Proprietor

Posted on 10. Mar, 2015 by in Bookkeeping Articles, Small Business Tips

In the eyes of the IRS, if you are a sole proprietor you have an audit target on you. This is because the audit rates on those who have a schedule C (sole proprietor) in their 1040 tax return are much higher than those who don’t. In addition, sole proprietors generally have more personal legal […]

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Spreadsheet Program Tips: Use Functions

Posted on 06. Mar, 2015 by in Bookkeeping Articles, MAC Tip, Small Business Tips, Windows Resources/Tips

Excel, Numbers and Sheets all share some of the function tasks allowing you to edit both text and numbers within their cells. To add numbers across a range of cells use =SUM(RANGE). To find the average of a range of numbers, =AVERAGE(RANGE). If you would like to round a number to two decimal places, =ROUND(CELL,2). Some functions you […]

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What You Need to Know About Health Care Reform

Posted on 17. Feb, 2015 by in Bookkeeping Articles, Tax Updates

Guest Post by Leslie Bennett, CPA Beginning in 2014, every US citizen and resident alien must have health insurance (minimum essential coverage). Failure to have insurance will result in a penalty (an additional tax) to be paid when filing the 2014 tax return. Certain individuals may be exempt from this requirement, such as income below […]

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