Five Cash Leaks to Avoid

Posted on 20. May, 2013 by in Bookkeeping Articles, VirtualConnections Newsletter

Cash flow improvement is a hot issue for small businesses; in many businesses, it seems like there is never enough cash when you need it.  The last thing a business owner wants is to reduce their cash balance unnecessarily.  To help you preserve or increase your cash, here are five cash management leaks to avoid. […]

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The Entrepreneur’s Paycheck

Posted on 04. Feb, 2013 by in Misc. Articles, VirtualConnections Newsletter

As business owners, we may be so busy making sure the bills get paid and the product gets out the door that we may not be quite as proactive about our own compensation.  To pay themselves, many new business owners take what’s left after employees and vendors have been paid, and that ends up being […]

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Five Tips to Speed Up Cash Collections

Posted on 06. Mar, 2012 by in Misc. Articles, VirtualConnections Newsletter

If your accounts receivable balances are edging up and getting older and older each month, then it might be a good time to bring out the aging reports.  But what if we looked earlier in the cycle to see what we could do to collect the sales even sooner?  Let’s take a look at five […]

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