Are you ready for EMV?

Posted on 29. Sep, 2015 by in Bookkeeping Articles, Services, Small Business Tips

On October 1, 2015, small businesses who accept credit cards will be subjected to the new Europay, MasterCard, and Visa (EMV) standards. This is reflecting a shift from magnetic-strip credit cards to chip and pin cards now being issued. You may ask why the change? Almost half of the world’s credit card fraud now happens […]

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Quick Tips for Giving Bonuses

Posted on 15. Dec, 2014 by in Small Business Tips

Year-end is a great time to think about rewarding your staff for a job well done in 2014. Here are a couple of quick tips to help you make the most of giving bonuses while protecting your business and cash flow. Timing.  Would you be better off timing bonuses in this year to reduce 2014-year […]

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What Is Real-Time Accounting (and Why Should You Care)?

Posted on 29. Oct, 2014 by in Bookkeeping Articles, CEO Tips

Real-time accounting is when your books are caught up to the present and you know exactly where you stand with your account balances, revenue, and profit.  It’s truly doing your accounting in real time. The opposite of real-time accounting is getting your books done once a year (or worse, being years behind).  When you wait […]

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[CEO Tips] Navigating Nanny Taxes and Household Payroll Compliance

Posted on 01. Oct, 2014 by in CEO Tips

By Linda Siniscal  Time is precious for most of us these days, and often, as busy CEO’s we need help at home so we can have more time to run our businesses. That may mean hiring help for personal tasks such as caregiving for the young, elderly, or special needs family member.  When you first […]

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Shortcut Your Management Time with Exception Reporting

Posted on 17. Sep, 2014 by in Small Business Tips, VirtualConnections Newsletter

By Linda Siniscal Do you spend a lot of time reviewing stacks of reports each month so you can get the information you need to make decisions?  Do you find out after the fact that something went wrong in your business and that if you had known about it sooner, you would have made different […]

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How to Read Your Balance Sheet

Posted on 10. Sep, 2014 by in Small Business Tips, VirtualConnections Newsletter

By Linda Siniscal The Balance Sheet is an important report in your business’s financial statements.  Most small business owners are unsure of what all of the numbers mean on this report, so let’s see if we can shed some light on what they mean. A Summary of Balances One big characteristic of a balance sheet […]

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Five Ways to Go Green with Your Accounting

Posted on 05. Mar, 2014 by in Small Business Tips, VirtualConnections Newsletter

With St. Patrick’s Day and spring arriving, March is a great month to have “green” on the mind.  There are green shamrocks, green beer, the green of new vegetation, and there’s even green accounting too.  Here are five ways to make your accounting a little more green. Business Receipts      When you spend money […]

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Is Your Business Using the Right Accounting System?

Posted on 05. Feb, 2014 by in VirtualConnections Newsletter

Have you ever tried on a shirt or jeans and found they didn’t fit at all?  They looked great on the hangar, but that was the end of it.  Accounting systems come in all sizes, shapes, and colors just like clothing; and just like clothing, some accounting systems fit your business better than others.  It’s […]

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Five Fall Projects to Refresh Your Financial Results

Posted on 30. Oct, 2013 by in VirtualConnections Newsletter

As we move into the fall season and the final quarter of the year, it’s a perfect time to commit to a project in your business that will help you reach the year’s end in better shape.  Here are five ideas:  1.     Back-to-School Time If payroll expenses are one of the higher costs in your […]

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Five Places Where Spending More Pays Off

Posted on 11. Sep, 2013 by in VirtualConnections Newsletter

It’s generally a good idea to keep overhead costs low so that your business profits will be higher.  This is especially true with items that are easily commoditized and fairly standardized, such as utilities and rent.  But there are times when increasing expenses pays off nicely, and here are five areas to consider so you […]

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