Preview of Some Key 2015 Tax Figures

Posted on 15. Oct, 2014 by in Tax Updates, VirtualConnections Newsletter

While official numbers for 2015 are not yet released by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), many figures are formulas set within the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) or are based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI) published by the Department of Labor. Using the release of recent CPI figures, a number of references are projecting 2015 […]

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iOS 8: Cool New Features

Posted on 13. Oct, 2014 by in MAC Tip, VirtualConnections Newsletter

There has been a lot of talk over the last month or so about the latest Apple operating system, iOS 8. As with any new operating system release, also comes a lot of negative comments. File size seemed to be the major issue as many did not have the space available for the update even […]

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Business Systems – Does Your Small Business Need a CRM?

Posted on 08. Oct, 2014 by in Small Business Tips, VirtualConnections Newsletter

Have you ever stayed at a hotel and then returned, finding that they have stocked your room with everything you asked for the last time you were here?  Your special allergenic pillow was already waiting for you, you were asked if you would like a dinner reservation made just like you always do the first […]

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Four Powerful Brainstorming Techniques

Posted on 26. Sep, 2014 by in Misc. Articles, VirtualConnections Newsletter

Guest post by Lynda McDaniel Our brains are always coming up with ideas and solutions—but we need a way to tap into them. Try these easy techniques to discover the fresh insights and inspiration awaiting you. Each technique workswell in solo sessions or as group activities. 1. Genius Generator Genius Generator is the perfect antidote […]

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Is There An App for That? Accounting Technology Today

Posted on 24. Sep, 2014 by in Small Business Tips, VirtualConnections Newsletter

By Linda Siniscal The technology side of the accounting industry is rapidly changing and expanding.  Literally hundreds, if not thousands of new companies and new software applications have sprung up to help small businesses automate their processes and save time and money. Accounting technology today is much more advanced than it was five years ago. […]

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Shortcut Your Management Time with Exception Reporting

Posted on 17. Sep, 2014 by in Small Business Tips, VirtualConnections Newsletter

By Linda Siniscal Do you spend a lot of time reviewing stacks of reports each month so you can get the information you need to make decisions?  Do you find out after the fact that something went wrong in your business and that if you had known about it sooner, you would have made different […]

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How to Read Your Balance Sheet

Posted on 10. Sep, 2014 by in Small Business Tips, VirtualConnections Newsletter

By Linda Siniscal The Balance Sheet is an important report in your business’s financial statements.  Most small business owners are unsure of what all of the numbers mean on this report, so let’s see if we can shed some light on what they mean. A Summary of Balances One big characteristic of a balance sheet […]

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Nine Tips for CEO’s to Dazzle and Retain Top Clients

Posted on 03. Sep, 2014 by in Marketing Tips, VirtualConnections Newsletter

By Linda Siniscal Your top clients are the most important in your business, and it’s important that you hang onto them if at all possible.  It’s much more cost-effective in most business models to retain repeat customers than it is to find new ones. In fact, it costs 6-7x more to acquire a new customer […]

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Six Common Payroll Mistakes to Avoid

Posted on 27. Aug, 2014 by in Small Business Tips, VirtualConnections Newsletter

By Linda Siniscal Getting payroll done has gotten so much easier than it used to be for small business owners.  But there are still some minefields when it comes to state and federal compliance. In this post, we’ll explore common payroll mistakes, and how to avoid them. Here is a list of payroll mistakes to […]

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Why Is Everybody Picking on Me? Exploring Sales Tax Laws

Posted on 20. Aug, 2014 by in Tax Updates, VirtualConnections Newsletter

Many revenue starved states are now using a new strategy of harassing small out-of-state businesses for tax collection. Here is what you need to know about sales tax laws: Sales/use tax obligation Whenever you purchase an item that has a sales/use tax obligation attached to it, the purchaser is required to pay the tax. To […]

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