Does it Pay to be Noticed? What to Do When the IRS Sends You a Notice

Posted on 23. Apr, 2014 by in VirtualConnections Newsletter

By Linda Siniscal If you receive a notice from the IRS most of us will see our pulse rate quicken and a cold sweat break out on our foreheads. Here is some advice if an IRS notice finds its way into your mailbox. Open it. You would be surprised how many people simply cannot find [...]

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[20th Anniversary Celebration]1994 Fun Facts

Posted on 17. Apr, 2014 by in 20th Anniversary

Even though it feels like only yesterday that I opened my doors, when you consider the following “fun facts” you’ll realize that time has certainly passed by. Our President was Bill Clinton The year-end close of the Dow Jones Industrial was 3,834 Interest rates were 8.5% Average cost of a new home was $119,050 Average [...]

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What Does the Heartbleed Bug Mean for You and Your Business?

Posted on 16. Apr, 2014 by in VirtualConnections Newsletter

Guest post by Nancy Seeger, Arts Assistance Do You Sell Products or Services on Your Website? What is the Heartbleed bug? Basically it is a vulnerability in the software for open SSL Certificates that leaves it possible for hackers to read your passwords and other protected information. As bugs go this is a biggie. If [...]

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Crowdfunding: Using the Internet to Raise Funds

Posted on 09. Apr, 2014 by in VirtualConnections Newsletter

By Linda Siniscal When the internet first hit the scene, few of us could dream of the possibilities this instant global connection would enable. While many of us use the internet to search for information, shop online, or stay connected to friends via social media, there are other emerging uses that are less well known. [...]

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12 Low-Cost Employee Perks for Fun & High Performance

Posted on 02. Apr, 2014 by in VirtualConnections Newsletter

It’s always a good idea to help employees stay motivated, and there are many things you can do besides the traditional cash bonus.  Here are twelve ideas that cost little yet go a long way with employees, contractors, and other business associates. 1.     Compressed workweek.  Employees love getting Friday afternoon off, or even a full [...]

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Happy Anniversary to Third Hand!

Posted on 01. Apr, 2014 by in VirtualConnections Newsletter

By Linda Siniscal Happy Anniversary to Third Hand Secretarial Service/Third Hand Bookkeeping Service. Yes it is my 20th Anniversary as being a small business owner! I remember the day I traveled to the County Clerk’s office to register my business name and begin a new chapter of my life. I will not lie, I was [...]

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What to Do When Calling the Help Line Doesn’t Help

Posted on 26. Mar, 2014 by in VirtualConnections Newsletter

Have you ever called a help line and at the end of the call had a bigger problem than before you called?  Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon. Navigating the help line process can be a challenge for anyone’s patience.   Here are a couple of tips you can try to make the process a little less painful. [...]

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Five Best-Practice Accounts Payable Tips for a Smoother Cash Flow

Posted on 19. Mar, 2014 by in Small Business Tips, VirtualConnections Newsletter

Watching the cash balance is one of the most frequent activities of a small business owner.  Besides making sure you have enough cash for payroll and bills, there is another huge opportunity you can benefit from: lowering the cost of processing your bills.  It can be expensive and time-consuming to process bills and handle the [...]

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How Painless Is Your New Customer Experience?

Posted on 11. Mar, 2014 by in Small Business Tips, VirtualConnections Newsletter

Is your business easy to do business with?  Or is it difficult?   The answer could impact your revenue as well as your reputation for service.  Here are a few tips to help you stand in your customer’s shoes for just a few minutes to answer those questions. First Impressions What is the first image of [...]

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Five Ways to Go Green with Your Accounting

Posted on 05. Mar, 2014 by in Small Business Tips, VirtualConnections Newsletter

With St. Patrick’s Day and spring arriving, March is a great month to have “green” on the mind.  There are green shamrocks, green beer, the green of new vegetation, and there’s even green accounting too.  Here are five ways to make your accounting a little more green. Business Receipts      When you spend money [...]

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