QuickBooks Online: The New Interface

Posted on 09. Jun, 2014 by in QuickBooks, VirtualConnections Newsletter

For those using QuickBooks Online, you may have been introduced to their new interface over the last couple of months. The final rollouts to all companies still on the old interface will be on June 8th.  Be prepared, because navigating in the new QBO interface, the changes are significant.

When you first open QBO, this is the new Home screen.

QuickBooks Online: The New Interface

The 3 main areas on the Home screen are:

  1. Navigation Bar
  2. The Create (+) Menu
  3. Gear Icon

Navigation Bar:

The menu bar that ran across the top of the screen in the old interface, now appears in the Navigator Bar along the left side. Some of the enhancements made to QBO are seen in the new Navigation Bar. In the past, you selected a tab and then had to click on the menu. Now it just takes one click of the mouse to get to where you want to go.

For example, if you need to set up a new Customer, just click on customer/clients  and from here you can set up a new client, create a new invoice or see which invoices are pending.

The Create (+) Menu:

By clicking on the (+) sign at the top of the Home screen, you will see the new Create Menu. From here you will be able to create invoices, receive a client’s payment, enter and pay a bill, update your timesheet and make a bank deposit. One side note, when you first open up the Create (+) Menu screen, if you do not see the image as noted below, click on the Show More button and the full menu will open.

QuickBooks Online: The New Interface

The Gear:

The Gear allows you to manage those tasks that you may not use as often such as updating your company settings; setting up new products/services list items; revising your chart of accounts or managing your users.

Please note that the Preferences menu item is now called Company Settings under the Settings menu item.

Some other new features to highlight:

If you press Ctrl+Alt+?, it will bring up your Company ID # along with keyboard shortcuts that are built into the new QBO interface.

On the Home screen you will see a Private Mode button. When you switch to On, it will hide the financial numbers from view. Great if you are working remotely in an open area with prying eyes.

Next to the Create (+) menu, you will see a picture of a clock. By clicking on this button it will bring up all your recent transactions.

Timesheet entries have been streamlined and you can now view subtotals by day and no more horizontal scrolling.

Receiving payment with the invoice number is now a feature. Click the Find by invoice number button at the top of the Receive Payment form.

Stay tuned for more articles sharing tips and new features of QBO.

If you are having problems navigating through the new QBO, please give us a call and we will be happy to walk you through.

If you are thinking about converting your QuickBooks Desktop edition to QuickBooks Online, it is a fairly seamless process. The benefits are no more software updates to purchase; you can access your QB file at any time and anywhere you have internet access, no more sharing files with your accountant/bookkeeper and you are able to provide accountant/bookkeeper access to your file at no extra charge. As a QuickBooks ProAdvisor, I offer a 40% discount to my clients off the regular monthly subscription. If you are interested, please give me a call.



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