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tumblrWhen Yahoo announced the $1.1 billion acquisition of Tumblr a couple of months ago, most over 40 years old said, “What is Tumblr?”, while those under 25 may have let out a loud groan. So what is Tumblr, and why should you care?

Tumblr is a free simplified blogging tool that is used to share photos, show short videos, and create posts that are readily viewed by friends through everything from computers to smart phones. It is also one of the most popular places on the internet. There are over 130 million Tumblr blogs, over 50 billion posts, and more than 13 billion views during a typical month.

The Tumbler experience begins with a flexible dashboard that the user modifies to post their own photos and videos as well as re-blog materials from other users. Tumblr use tends to fall into three general areas: reporting a person’s daily activities, re-posts of things found that friends and others might find interesting, and a life-style or theme collection.

Why so popular?

Tumblr takes the problem of traditional blogs and makes it more useable. It is a way to collect interesting things and share it with friends and others in the Tumblr community. There are popular Tumblr sites that collect humorous charts, pictures of cats, or images of earth from outer space. In addition, artists and photographers are seeing it as an easy way to display their creative works and share them. 

Why should you care?

Businesses. The Tumblr creators started the service as an easier way to blog. Many small businesses are finding ways to use Tumblr to stay connected with their clients and customers through this easier to manage blogging tool

Advertisers. The Tumblr popularity means there is a new way to advertise and reach very specific target audiences. Yahoo is sure to explore ways to capitalize on this opportunity

Parents. This free simplified blogging service is where kids are going. As places like Facebook receive attention from unwanted friends and multi-generational access to one’s personal Facebook community, tools like Tumblr remain more intimate. The good news is there is a content control flag that will block inappropriate material from young users. But it is also an easy way for you to connect with others with common interests

Kids. Like it or not, Tumblr is now one of their social media tools of choice. If your child is browsing the net, they may well be viewing Tumblr sites that interest them. They especially like the re-blogging feature that lets them share their discoveries with friends

Here are some examples of how Tumblr is being used:

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