iOS7 Tips and Tricks

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iOS7 Tips and TricksI’m sure I am not the only one fumbling through the new ios7 upgrade on your iPhone and/or iPad. I would like to share a few great shortcuts and tips that I have learned since the launch of the new operating software. I will keep ‘em coming.

Control Center: If you swipe up, you’ll reveal the new Control Center allowing you quick access to host of shortcuts such as Airplane Mode, Calculator, Camera, Volume Controls, Bluetooth, WiFi, to name a few. Even has a flashlight button.

New Male Personal Assistant: Siri now has a male counterpart. You can now select either male or female Voice Gender. These settings can be changed under the Siri settings located in the General Settings tab.

Adjusting the Type: You were able to adjust the size of the text in Calendar, Contacts, Mail, Messages and Notes but now you can adjust the text in other apps which will support resized text.  Go to General Settings, Accessibility, Larger Type and scroll the bar to the right for larger text or to the left for smaller text.

To be Bold: In the same settings area for Adjusting the Text, you can also apply the Bold Text option to your text. With the new ios7, the fonts are a little lighter and thinner so you may find yourself having trouble getting used to them.

Motion Sickness: If you are prone to motion sickness, you may want to turn off the movement of the background wallpaper which will allow your eyes to focus a bit better. To do this, go to General Settings, Accessibility, and turn off Reduce Motion.

Battery Life Lifesaver: With iOS7, your applications will be updating automatically allowing you to multitask. The problem with this is that it really drains your battery as the applications are in constant refresh. If you go to Settings – General – Background App Refresh – you can choose which apps you do not wish to be in constant refresh thereby saving some battery life.

I will continue to share with you additional iOS7 timesavers in future editions of VirtualConnections, if you are not a subscriber yet, subscribe here. Please comment below if you have found some great tips and tricks. I’ll be happy to post them and of course give you full credit.


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  1. Linda Kester 3 October 2013 at 9:35 am #

    I didn't know the camera was in the Control Center. Thank you!!!