Fun Facts – Happy Birthday Zip Code

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zipcodeHappy Birthday to the Zip Code! 50 years ago the Post Office rolled out the Zoning Improvement Plan (ZIP) which at the time was a 5-digit code to assist with the sorting of mail to specific locations.

Some fun facts about the Zip Code:

• There is a total of 41,810 US zip codes • California is the state with the most – a total of 2,602 (3 more than Texas)

• The fewest would be Rhode Island with a total of 90

• Military zip codes total 538

What your Zip Code means?


The first 3 digits identify general region/city Next 2 digits identify the delivery area (post office or neighborhood) For the expanded 4 digits, introduced in 1983 – the first two digits identify the sector or several blocks and the last two identify the segment or one side of the street.

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