Client Book Launch: Wisdom of the 8 Bowls

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Wisdom of the 8 BowlsWisdom of the 8 Bowls – a modern myth for women at mid-life and beyond by Flo Schell, EdM.

As life spans grow longer, the concept of aging is changing. As we move through our 50’s and beyond, many of us encounter the most creative and rewarding time of our lives. So what makes one woman feel anticipation while another feels confused and purposeless?

The answer is found in the 8 secrets that form the tale of Wisdom of the 8 Bowls. This magical fable takes you on a journey to your most empowered and wisest self. It is through the journeying that you are opened and deepened to the wondrous years that lie ahead.

Invited guests flock their way to a lovely and mystical Inn where they are treated to adventure after adventure. The Innkeeper is world-renowned for her brilliance and has an affinity for cooking too. Her kitchen overflows with magical bowls. In them she places special herbs and spices from her garden for the illumination of her guests. By the end of their stay each guest wil have spent 8 insightful days and received 8 bowls filled with all the qualities they need to become sure and wise in the world.

Flo Schell, EdM, is a professional Life and Business Coach and Author. Flo works with women of all ages who are seeking to reach their highest human potential throughout their lives. Currently she is bringing back the artform of The Salon, a meeting place for women to explore new ideas and gain fresh perspectives. She has been an advocate of women and girls throughout her lifetime. Learn more at

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