iPad App: Air Display

Posted on 23. Jan, 2013 by in MAC Tip, VirtualConnections Newsletter

Air DisplayIt seems seeing more than one monitor on a desk is not only seen on your favorite TV show but it is also something appearing in small businesses offices. If you have a need for a 2nd monitor and don’t want to shell out the money and already own an iPad, of course, I am going to say, there is an app for that!  Air Display will turn your iPad into a second monitor for your PC or your MAC for the low cost of $10. They do have a free version which has all the same features and abilities of the paid app but it shows a little bit of advertising. If you can tolerate that, then better yet.

The benefit of having your iPad as a second monitor, you can take advantage of the touch screen interface. Using the touch screen interface is much easier when working off the MAC platform than those using the Windows platform. Please note if you are already using Windows 8, this app will not work but I’m sure they are working on that. This app also allows you to use the iPad in either portrait or landscape mode.

If you want to give Air Display a try, go for the free version and if you find you like it, then you can upgrade to the paid version.

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