Mac Tip: Preview – Creating a Signature on a PDF

Posted on 28. Nov, 2012 by in MAC Tip, VirtualConnections Newsletter

mac previewIf you are using OS X Lion, there is a neat feature in Preview which will allow you to create and add a signature to a PDF document.

Here is what to do to create your signature:

  1. Get a blank white piece of paper and using only black ink, create your signature on the paper.
  2. Launch Preview. Select Preview > Preferences > Signatures. Click on the “Create Signature” button.
  3. Preview will activate the FaceTime Camera on your Mac and alert you to hold the piece of paper up to the screen. Be sure that your signature lines up along the blue line. After a few seconds, a Signature Preview will be available. If you are satisfied with the signature, click Accept.
  4. Your signature is now saved.

Now that you have your signature saved, this is how you can add it to a pdf document:

  1. With the PDF document open, click on the Annotate button in the toolbar
  2. Select the Signature Annotation Tool.
  3. Click and drag and release anywhere on the PDF to insert your signature. After you inserted the signature, you can enlarge and move around the signature.

Your document is now ready to be emailed.

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