Client Profile: Karen La Du & Yoga-Art in Motion

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Karen La Du Karen La Du is the founder and creator of TKYTOO and the program Yoga-Art In Motion. Karen’s heart and mission in life is to join yoga and art in ways that help others live a fearless and creative life, helping them to express themselves and get connected to an inner strength that we each have.

With a bachelor’s degree in Art and French and a master’s degree in Fine Arts Education, Karen has been teaching for 18 years and studying/practicing yoga for more than 40 years. She has helped others of all ages get in touch with their personal strength, internal peace and immense creativity.

Karen has expertise in many aspects of art including painting, sculpture, drawing, collage, art history and art critique. She feels that art builds confidence by allowing each person to express freely and that combining this with guided meditation, students can become active listeners of self, which is essential for concentration, cognitive reasoning and creative development.

The Arts Educators of New Jersey has recognized Karen for many years as a workshop presenter and highly qualified educator. She has exhibited and sold her artwork throughout the United States and has successfully prepared many students for careers in the arts and education through portfolio presentation and tutoring.

The Yoga: Art in Motion Workshop Program developed by Karen uses yoga poses and art projects to teach her students concentration and calming techniques, creativity and confidence by listening to their inner self.

Her program is offered to schools, community centers, home schooled children, and yoga studios as a way to incorporate these two enriching disciplines.

Services offered by Karen are Fine Art Education, Yoga Instruction, Product Design, Workshop Presentation, and Academic Tutoring & Career Building. So check out the programs and artwork offered by Karen at: The Daily Art, Yoga Kathanika, and

Regarding working with Third Hand Bookkeeping Services, Karen shared, “THBS has given me that extra time to spend with my personal art endeavors and my clients.”

How does using Linda’s services make your job easier and has it changed how you allocate your time?

Karen shared, “My time for art production has increased greatly and I no longer have to worry about making bookkeeping mistakes or writing yet another deadline on my calendar for submissions of sales tax declarations, etc.”

How did you decide on THBS as your virtual bookkeeper?

“Linda came highly recommended to me by a mutual friend.  Probably the only way I would have felt comfortable hiring a bookkeeper.”

Karen’s final comments on her experience working with Linda and THBS, “Linda is not only an exceptional bookkeeper, but an empathetic professional who understands the demands that working Moms face and is always willing to work within your time frame and with your particular personality.  She is a gem!”

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