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Office Deva logoOfficeDEVA is an online business management and consulting company that specializes in supporting professional coaches, keynote speakers and non-profit organizations. They are a team of professionals that have combined experience, education and credentials of over 120 years. They work together as a team, or individually with clients providing personalized and dedicated support. They work with clients that enjoy the work they do, are receptive to new processes, and have the dedication and follow through to make their businesses a success.

Laura Pumo is President of OfficeDEVA, founded in 2002. In 1999 Laura realized that technology was starting to move very quickly – so quickly that Laura started investigating ways that she could work remotely from her corporate position. After a few years of research, Laura discovered that there was already a blossoming industry out there – remotely supporting clients!

In December of 2003, Laura quit her corporate job and signed her very first client just a few months later, in February, and has been growing and helping clients ever since.

Laura is passionate about offering clients the best information and support on new technology as it emerges. Whether it’s creating a new blog site for a client, or teaching and consulting with clients about fresh new ideas, Laura is passionate and excited about how she can help grow her clients’ businesses, using all the cutting edge technology and committed support possible.

There aren’t many online business management teams that specialize in working with the coaching, speaking and non-profit industries. Besides the industries they work with, what makes Office DEVA stand out?

  • They have an entire team ready with the resources, knowledge and experience to bring the client’s business to the next level.
  • They always start with their Strategy Session Process that allows them to dig deep into the client’s business goals, understand the client’s long term needs, and create a custom business management support system.
  • They enjoy showing clients how they did something – they consider training an important part of growth for the client.
  • Office DEVA is the one-on-one point of contact for the client and their business.
  • Office DEVA promises to respond to emails and phone calls promptly and they will always have a smile on their face when they answer the phone.
  • They also use a collaborative online system for tracking all client milestones and deadlines. It is like a virtual workspace dedicated just for the client and their business!

In brief, services offered by OfficeDEVA are newsletters, article marketing, social media, shopping cart set up and management, graphic designing for all needs, website design and maintenance, audio & video recording for podcasts, teleclasses, webinars, hosted videos, YouTube and Vimeo.

OfficeDEVA will work together to support the client’s business and marketing requirements so that the client will have more time to enjoy what they love doing most. For their current clients, that can mean vacationing without worry, traveling and conducting business, creating profitable presentations without having to manage “the office,” writing their next book, or securing their next large coaching event. The client has one point of contact, one person who is coordinating and managing their team – so the client doesn’t have to!

For more information on OfficeDEVA and the services offered, visit

Regarding working with Third Hand Bookkeeping Services, Laura shared:

Linda has been instrumental in not only getting our financial accounts in order, she has gone a step further and made suggestions or passed along information that has been very helpful. We enjoy working with Linda – she just doesn’t do the work – she adds a lot of value to what she does.

We like just uploading our statements to her secured server – it’s so easy! No email exchanges or lost mail. The only time we spend is the time uploading the documents and reviewing our statements. Saves us at least 6-7 hours per month.

We decided we needed a virtual bookkeeper, because it was simply time for a real change.

We are proud to refer our clients to THBS and do so regularly! We couldn’t do it without her.”

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