Product Feature: Magic Whiteboard-The Portable Whiteboard

Posted on 09. May, 2012 by in My Favorite Things, VirtualConnections Newsletter

Magic WhiteboardA great new product for those that perhaps need visuals for drafting that 3rd and 4th quarter marketing plan, or maybe you are presenting and there is no whiteboard available.  Check out Magic Whiteboard.  It comes in a roll of ‘whiteboard’ that will stick with static to any wall surface.  All you do is roll out the whiteboard and tear off a sheet along the perforated lines.  What’s neat about this product is you can put it up and take it down many times without losing its stickiness and it can be reusable.  Standard dry erase markers will work fine with the Magic Whiteboard.  Each roll is approximately 65 feet long and includes 25 perforated sheets at 23.5” x 31.5”.  The Magic Whiteboard retails for $59.99.


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