Mac Tip: What Apps are on your iPad?

Posted on 24. Feb, 2012 by in MAC Tip, VirtualConnections Newsletter

iPadI purchased my iPad last year with the intention of taking it with me to the IVAA Summit as I just didn’t want to lug around my heavy 17” MacBook through the airport. Now I was a bit nervous if I would be able to manage with just the iPad for the week that I would be out of the office, but the iPad did not let me down. I did have an emergency client project that came up and I was able to log in to my iMAC at the office via logmein, download the file into DropBox and edit the file using the Pages app. Now when I have to travel, either for business or for a quick getaway, my iPad is with me and I am able to handle anything that comes my way.

Some of my favorite apps are:

  • DropBox for accessing files
  • Gmail for checking my email
  • Pages, Numbers and Keynote for editing Word, Excel or PowerPoint files
  • Kindle for reading books, magazines and newspapers
  • LogMeIn or TeamViewer for accessing my main computer
  • Evernote allows me to view my stored notes allowing me to work on articles on the road
  • YouSendIt allows me to send large files
  • WordPress for doing any quick updates on a client or my website
  • iAnnotatePDF for viewing and editing PDF files
  • Facebook, Twitter and Hootsuite for monitoring my social media sites
  • USAToday for the latest news
  • Flipboard which combines all your newsfeeds into one app
  • Hipmunk for searching flights and hotels
  • Catalog Spree for perusing through the catalogs that usually flood your mailbox
  • For entertainment, Scrabble and Paper Toss

Please share what apps you have on your iPad – I would like to update this list with your recommendations (and I will give you credit of course). has their list of the Top 200 Best iPad Apps for 2012 – you can find this list by visiting

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  1. mycomputerdoctor2012 15 June 2013 at 10:42 pm #

    I am an avid TeamViewer user myself. I use it for my clients for my business My Computer Doctor – – I love the fact that even with slow internet connections such as DSL I can still do my job with ease. Thanks for the article!