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Hipcycle is a web-based marketplace for upcycled products, where it is easier for consumers to shop smarter, and where manufacturers are inspired to find a new purpose for waste materials. Andrew Sell, Chief Hipcycler, founded Hipcycle in May and the site went live in October 2011. Customers to the site will find attractive and durable housewares, furniture, garden, office, and Hipcycle stuff products priced about the same as regular high-quality products.

Upcycling is the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or a higher environmental value. The upcycling industry has made great leaps and strides in the last few years, but until now, there has not been one place to shop for these products.

In only a month, Hipcycle has already caught the attention of savvy shoppers and the New York Times, who recently featured the company in an article. Andrew previously worked for a variety of different companies, from bootstrapped start-ups to venture-backed mid-tier firms to Fortune 1000 behemoths, in various capacities. To learn more and perhaps get started on your holiday shopping, visit

Is THSS your first VA? And how did you decide to start using a VA? 
Yes. As a start up I needed bookkeeping expertise and was not ready to start hiring a staff yet.

How does using THSS’s services make running Hipcycle easier?
It’s like cloning myself, but a myself that has better bookkeeping and clerical skills than I do. 

How did you decide on THSS as your VA?
Killer website, great references, and a great proposal/start up package.

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