Article Marketing: What Can It Do For You?

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Article marketing allows small business owners the ability to promote their services and expertise by making the article content available freely for reproduction on various article submission websites. So how does it work and what are the benefits to Article Marketing?  Here I have outlined the top 5 benefits to Article Marketing and how it can help your business.

  1. Free Marketing. Most article submission sites are free, yes you read right – FREE. By writing and submitting articles this will undoubtedly increase your website traffic and generate additional sales revenue while building your mailing list. You will gain massive exposure to the hundreds of thousands of visitors to article submission sites on a daily basis. By submitting your articles to the article submission sites, you will be reaching a large audience and reaching new prospects and creating additional website traffic that would have never found your website on its own.
  2. Search Engine Optimization. Your article will contain a link to your website and we all know that the more incoming links your website has, the more importance search engines will attach to it and this will increase your site placement in those search engines, referred to as a back link. Another SEO secret, the higher your website ranks, the more credible the back link is to your site.
  3. Build Your Mailing List. In your article it is important to include an Author Resource Box, including a short bio of you and your company and including a link to your website thereby gaining new readers in your target market.
  4. Building Your Creditability as an Expert. It is so important that your articles contain content your readers will benefit from. By submitting more articles, over time you will boost your credibility and reputation as an expert in your field and begin the trust cycle with your readership.
  5. Quick Results. As soon as you submit your article and it has been approved for publication, you will quickly start to see immediate results. Create a Google Alert on the title of your article, your company name, your name, and you will start to see alerts appearing in your inbox. With that being said, make sure you include your resource box with each submission as this is how to get readers to your site.

To make article marketing work for you, remember to:

  • make sure your article is related to your target market and is relevant.
  • make sure you use good quality, well written and original articles.
  • remember that your article will be read by a human being, so make it a readable and interesting article.
  • be patient as traffic and backlinks don’t appear overnight. Set up those Google Alerts once you started submitting the article to monitor those sites that are being picked up by the search engines.

So you see article marketing is easier than you think. It’s also important to learn as much as you can on how to create a great article marketing campaign.  Research and read everything you can on how to get the best results with all your article marketing efforts.

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