Client Corner: New book release, “Does Change have to be so H.A.R.D.?”

Posted on 25. Feb, 2011 by in Client Profiles

Congratulations to Julie Donley, RN for the release of her second book, Does Change have to be so H.A.R.D.?

What makes change so H.A.R.D.? We struggle to lose weight, change jobs, improve our relationships or our financial condition and even give up addictions. We succumb to our habits and accept a life of mediocrity, wishing it could be different and incessantly hoping for that magic solution.

The reality is that we are creatures of habit and change can be uncomfortable.  Change requires hard work, consistency and time. We perceive it as a chore and most of us just don’t want to work that hard.

Yet, there have been times in your life when you have made great change and it has brought you to a much better place. You were willing to do whatever it took to achieve the outcome you desired and you did it! You succeeded. To learn more about this new book, visit Julie’s website.

Get your copy today on Amazon. It will be available in bookstores in about 4-6 weeks and on Kindle in 4 weeks.

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