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Posted on 25. Jan, 2011 by in MAC Tip

Is one of your goals for the year to be better organized? Well here is a great software program for cataloging your books, movies, music, software, and so much more. You simply hold the product in front of your webcam and it magically reads the UPC and downloads the items cover and any pertinent information about that product and displays it on your product shelf. Oh, your item does not have a UPC code, Delicious Library has a text entry search that can find those items and add them to your library as well.

Another benefit of having these items cataloged, you will have a record for insurance purposes. Delicious Library will also go onto the Interweb and calcuate what your collection is worth and even help you sell it through the Amazon store.

You can also export to your iPhone or iPod and also publish your library to the web and share it with friends and family and finally know who borrowed that movie you love so much.

The cost for this program is $40. To download a free trial and learn more about Delicious Library visit,

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