MS Word Tip: Putting Document Names in Headers or Footers

Posted on 03. May, 2010 by in Windows Resources/Tips

You found a document that you printed some time ago and need to update with some new resources. You have spent half an hour trying to find it on your computer because you can’t remember what you named the file.

Follow these steps to add the document name to either the header or footer of a document:Field Insertion

  • Choose Header and Footer from the View menu.
  • Select the switch button to select either header or footer (location where you wish the file name to appear)
  • Position your cursor as to where you want to include the file name
  • Choose Field from the Insert menu. Word then displays the Field dialog box.
  • From the Categories list, select Document Information category
  • From the Field Name list, select FileName
  • Click OK. The filename will then be inserted at the document where your cursor is placed
  • Click on Close

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