Posted on 23. Jan, 2009 by in Windows Resources/Tips

Windows – MS Outlook Add On: Xobni

Xobni (www.xobni.com) – ‘inbox’ spelled backwards is a new favorite “must have” tool for productivity.

XOBNI is an MS Outlook plug-in that indexes all your email (including those you’ve sent) and creates a sidebar profile for each of your contacts. When you click on an email, you can see all your previous email exchanges with that person, along with any attachments you’ve sent to them or received from them (time-saving benefit: you can launch the files directly from Xobni).

Plus, Xobni includes search functionality, so no more sifting through your inbox – just type in the person’s name and all the email history comes up. To reduce email inbox clutter, delete all previously sent and received emails and save only the last one that contains the entire thread. You can then move any emails you want to save to an archive folder.

The best thing about Xobni – it’s free!

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