The ULTIMATE Career Guide for Nurses

Posted on 03. Sep, 2008 by in Client Profiles

Congratulations to Donna Wilk Cardillo, RN, MA of Cardillo & Associates on the August release of her second book, “The ULTIMATE Career Guide for Nurses.”

The ULTIMATE Career Guide for Nurses – Practical Strategies for
Thriving at Every Stage of Your Career will help you to: reenergize
your career; identify transferable skills; write a winning resume;
overcome challenges; take career risks; make decisions; build
professional support systems…and love what you do!

Anyone can benefit from reading this book – not just nurses or job
hunters, but anyone who desires to get the most from their career
whether they’re happily employed, looking to make a career transition,
or actively seeking employment. Donna even touches on retirement.
Although the book was written for nurses, her career advice is

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