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Posted on 03. Jun, 2008 by in Client Profiles

About Brighthouse Tutors. . .

BrightHouse Tutors knows that you’re concerned about your child’s grades, your child’s self-esteem, and your child’s future. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you spend hours in the evening helping your child with homework?
  • Has your child’s teacher sent home worrisome notes?
  • Has your child been diagnosed with ADHD, an autism spectrum disorder, or learning disability?
  • Have your child’s grades been slipping, slipping, slipping. . .?
  • Have you already spent tons of money on testing or tutoring?

Carlene Wentworth, Ph.D. spent years as a child and adolescent therapist and educator. More importantly, perhaps, she has spent years as a Mom, and encountered many of the same difficulties you may now be experiencing. Learning problems, meltdowns, teacher conferences, hours and hours of homework help every night, children crying in the backseat on the way to school. . .

So, she decided to do something about it. She went on a long and fruitful journey and spent years researching and studying the many aspects of learning problems. After years of intensive study, she is happy to tell you:

The Science is in. . .and now
YOU are in CONTROL of your child’s DESTINY!

BrightHouse Tutoring & Educational Services has brought together the latest, science-based programs that have been proven to help children and adolescents learn more quickly and efficiently. They can tailor a program for your child! For more information, visit or you can call 864-847-1590.

THSS and BrightHouse Tutors. . .

Carlene M. Wentworth, Ph.D., Director of BrightHouse Tutors was completely overwhelmed. She hadn’t done any bookkeeping for a year when she realized it was time to start thinking about her tax return. She had no idea what to do and didn’t have the time to do it anyway.

Carlene had heard about VAs (virtual assistants) and thought it might be worth a try, so she went online to begin her search.

How did Carlene choose Third Hand Secretarial Service?

According to Carlene, “I’m the kind of person who goes by intuition mostly. I looked at several websites and then I found Linda’s. I believe I just picked up the phone and called her. As soon as I talked with her, I knew she was perfect. She had years and years of experience and sounded like the kind of person who could keep me on track.”

What tasks does Third Hand Secretarial Service perform for Carlene?

Linda does her bookkeeping on QuickBooks. During the month, Carlene faxes her various things that need to be done and Linda has access to her online checking account. Linda does all of her bookkeeping duties except for paying the tutors.

What does Carlene have to say about their relationship?

Carlene sums it up in this way, “Within a few weeks, I went from having a box full of papers that I’d just thrown in there throughout the year, to file folders for each month, my QuickBooks all up to date, and everything ready for me to prepare my taxes. It was unbelievable. Honestly, I don’t know what I would have done without her!”

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