THSS Client Profile: Andrea Novakowski, Coach Andrea

Posted on 06. Nov, 2007 by in Client Profiles

Andrea Novakowski is a Master Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation of which she is also a member. For the past 11 years, she has served as a coach to small business owners, executives, and individuals whom she believes she can help to establish professional and personal goals and take the action necessary to fulfill them. She believes that working with a coach offers an objective and trained viewpoint without a personal agenda. As a coach, Andrea is concerned only with helping others to succeed.

According to Andrea, “I enjoy helping people find solutions to questions they have and moving past areas where they feel ‘stuck’ in their lives. A solid relationship of trust is built as I hold their vision for them, as they move forward in their lives. Listening to what they hope to accomplish, understanding where they want to be, and then helping them get there, by gently prodding them along and finding ways to assist them – in a way that fits with who they – are the tools I use as a coach.”

Andrea was originally using a VA in Colorado to help with her business, which is located in Massachusetts. When she needed to find a new VA, she thought that staying in Colorado would make the transition of information from her present VA to the new VA easier to accomplish.

However, after speaking with Linda, she was relieved to find someone who was “as awesome as Linda was and even worked in the same time zone, making it much easier to connect.” According to Andrea, “Linda does a very thorough and complete job. She has a terrific attitude and she always lets me know her time constraints; she never promises something she can’t deliver.”

As her VA, Linda formats and distributes her Tip of the Week and Thought of the Day in Constant Contact, processes client credit card billing, performs various internet research projects, improves upon drafts of documents, mails client surveys, and does pretty much whatever is put in front of her.

Andrea believes she has found a true treasure in Linda and looks forward to a long and successful association with her.

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