Did You Know That THSS Offers These Services? Part II

Posted on 10. Jul, 2007 by in Services, VirtualConnections Newsletter

Article Submissions – We can help you submit the articles that you have written to article submission sites. We can also perform the necessary research to assemble a list of possible submission sites that target the audience you might like to reach.

Client Survey Creation – You’d like to get client feedback on a training session you facilitated or maybe your coaching contract with a client has ended. We can either set up a survey for you in SurveyMonkey, or another Internet-based survey site, or prepare one to mail to your client with a postage-paid return envelope. It’s always a great idea to obtain client feedback – it can only help you in growing your business and understanding what your clients expect of you and whether you are meeting those expectations.

Blog Entries – You have a blog but just don’t have the time to post messages. Just email or fax us the information, and we will update your blog.

Budget Preparation – Do you have a business budget? Perhaps now is a good time to seriously think about putting together a budget. If you are running QuickBooks, we can run historical data which will provide a basis for determining your budget for the balance of 2007 or in planning for 2008.

Meeting Registrations – You are putting together a one-day seminar – we can help you process the meeting registrations and put together a final meeting roster. We can also create name tags for all meeting registrants.

Product Fulfillment
– You have a book that you just finished or perhaps a product on audio CD. We can process orders, send out confirmation emails to recipients and mail the product(s) for you.

Holiday Card List – Christmas in July! This is a great time to review and put together your Holiday Card list. We can keep your list updated with new clients, prospects and business colleagues until you are ready to mail the cards.

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