THSS Client Profile: Nurturing Your Success

Posted on 10. May, 2007 by in Client Profiles

“Life doesn’t come with a success manual that’s one- size-fits-all. Sometimes you know what you want and need help in order to achieve it. Sometimes all you know is what you don’t want. Either way, you need the right support to succeed.”

By engaging a Coach, you make a commitment to take yourself seriously. You gain vision, focus, and accountability. With the support and structure of regular sessions, you experience faster progress than you would on your own. Additional benefits include:

  • Accelerated results
  • The support of someone who believes in you and keeps you focused on the end result – your vision for success!
  • Avoiding costly mistakes
  • Eliminating energy drains and people/places/things that do not add value to your life
  • Increased self-awareness, self-control, and the courage to step outside of your comfort zone
  • Taking bigger and bolder initiatives

Julie Fuimano has a BA in Business Administration, a BS in Nursing, an MBA and she is an author and a Coach who can help you achieve the success you want in your life. Located in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, Julie is available for consultation by phone at 610.277.2726. You can read more about Julie by visiting her Website at

Why did Julie decide to hire a VA?

When Julie started her company, she knew she couldn’t handle all aspects of running her business by herself and help as many people as she wanted to help. She always knew she would need an assistant to help her with business-related tasks that she could not do on her own and still give what she needed to give to her clients.

How did Julie decide which VA to use? “Linda was referred to me by one of my clients. She has the same standards for excellence as I do and I chose Linda because of her values, her work ethic and her dependability. I simply do not know what I would do without her at this point and I am constantly looking for more ways to have her continue to support me.”

What does Linda do for Julie?

“I hired Linda in the fall of 2006. Linda does my newsletter, she submits articles for placement for me, she does my PowerPoint presentations, formats and edits documents and I am going to begin to have her do all my QuickBooks for me. She is truly an asset to my business and I do not know what I would do without her now.”

In Conclusion. . .

While many business owners still do not understand the purpose for hiring a VA, those that do are often apprehensive about contracting with a VA because of budgetary concerns. What they fail to realize is that need to focus on bringing in sales and growing the business, instead of doing administrative work and other routine tasks associated with their business.

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