What Can THSS Do For Your Business? Email and Telephone Services

Posted on 05. Dec, 2006 by in Services, VirtualConnections Newsletter

Each month in our newsletter, VirtualConnections, we focus on unique ways that THSS can help your business run more smoothly and effectively. The day-to-day operations of a business can sometime prove to be overwhelming for a business owner and available staff. Let THSS help you with – Email and Telephone Services!

Email Services

  1. A client cannot keep up with the volume of email and is missing important messages. The client sets up a general email account (i.e., info@mycompany.com). The VA retrieves all email, sorts it, responds to routine requests, and forwards items of importance to the client’s personal email account (myname@mycompany.com).
  2. A client is going on vacation and doesn’t want to miss important email messages. The VA downloads all email and notifies individuals that the client is out of the office. The VA contacts the client with urgent messages.
  3. The client has or wants autoresponders on their website. The VA can write and set up the autoresponder. The VA can also monitor the number of requests and establish a database that lists who is requesting information.
  4. A client wants to utilize their email software program fully (i.e., filters, autoreply, signatures, etc.).The VA can walk them through the set-up and teach the client how to use the email program while on the telephone and the computer at the same time.

Telephone/Fax Services

  1. A client is leaving on a business trip or going on vacation but needs to stay in touch with important business calls. The client records a voicemail stating that urgent calls will be taken by his/her assistant and gives the VA’s phone number. The VA can then contact the client with important messages.
  2. A client is frequently out of the office or travels and cannot check voicemail on a regular basis. The VA calls and retrieves messages from voicemail, responds to routine requests, and contacts the client with any urgent messages.
  3. An international company needs a contact in the USA (or other country). Due to different time zones and costly international long distance charges, it is difficult for prospects to contact the international client. Using a VA in the USA (or other country), prospects can easily call for information. If a question arises that a VA cannot answer, the VA emails the client for further instruction. In some cases, a separate phone line may be installed for the VA’s use.
  4. A client is going out of town but needs to respond to any faxes received. The client places call forwarding on the fax machine to ring on the VA’s fax machine. The VA handles the fax requests and contacts the client with urgent messages.

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