Tips/Links of the Month: Software Tips/Troubleshooting

Posted on 06. Jul, 2006 by in VirtualConnections Newsletter, Windows Resources/Tips

This month I will share with you some websites that can assist you with troubleshooting your software or help you with a particular shortcut that can make your life a bit easier.

Microsoft Office – Microsoft’s official web site for MS Office products. Here you will find a product knowledge base, pre-designed templates, clip art for downloading, and you can also sign up for online training classes.

Microsoft Outlook – has many articles and resources on how best to utilize this popular personal information manager program.

Microsoft Outlook – This Penn State University site lists the top 47 tips for getting maximum use out of MS Outlook.

Microsoft Excel – Allen Wyatt has a great Excel tip site. These tips cover all versions of Excel from ’97 through 2003.

Microsoft PowerPoint – has some quick and easy shortcuts for those who work with PowerPoint.

Bonus Microsoft Word Tip

What if you have a bunch of documents open and you don’t want to save the changes to them one by one? Is there an easier way? Yes, it’s the Save All command which is hiding. You can hit the Shift key, click on the File menu and then select Save All. You can also add the Save All command to your toolbar. Choose Tools – Customize – click the Commands tab – File – then scroll down the right side until you see Save All. Drag the icon to the menu or toolbar of your choice and that’s it.

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