THSS Client Profile: NKB Events

Posted on 03. May, 2006 by in Client Profiles

Third Hand Secretarial Service would like to welcome NKB Events, and owner Nancy Bauman, as a new client! NKB Events, located in Hamilton, NJ, is a dynamic, full-service, professional meeting and special event planning firm.

NKB Events not only takes pride in its top-notch design and exceptional event management skills, but also in working hand-in-hand with their clients to ensure their goals are met from concept through delivery. Their solutions are creatively engaging, professionally executed and cost effective.

THSS is currently creating a database of venues in PA, NJ, DE for NKB Events because Nancy also is a sales rep for Gala Cloths, a company that sells or rents tablecloths and chair covers to various venues – the need for the database in order to assist her in her sales efforts.

Why did Nancy decide to hire a VA? According to Nancy, “I sought the help of a VA because I am a small business owner who recently took on the challenge of running a second business in tandem with the first. I doubled my workload and now wear twice as many hats on a day-to-day basis! I noticed I was spending a lot of time performing tasks that I was not efficient in completing in a timely manner (i.e., bookkeeping, client database development and management, efficient appointment setting and management) and spending a lot less time doing what I am best at. . .special event planning!

I happened to be speaking with a friend about my dilemma and the fact I needed someone part time to fill in the gaps on a per project/task basis. This person needed to be my clone and not someone I had to teach basic tasks to in order to get something accomplished.

My friend recommended that I look into hiring a VA… someone I was completely unaware even existed! So the next day I googled VA’s on the internet and discovered there was an actual association of VA’s. Because I sit on the Board of Directors of the International Special Event Society – Greater Philadelphia Chapter (ISES PA) and am very active within the society, I knew the VA Association would be a great place to find someone who was qualified to start helping me and that is where I found Linda Siniscal.”

How did Nancy decide which VA to use? Nancy responds. “I was looking for someone who worked in NJ because that is where my business is located. I read the online descriptions of services that each VA offered to see how they matched what I needed immediately or that I could grow into as my business expanded. I also viewed their websites, if available, to see if I could get a feel for their personality by the style and organization of their site.

I narrowed it down to seven selections and emailed them all with the same request to contact me. Five of the seven responded immediately with an email and three out of the five followed up with a voice mail on my phone the next day. Linda was one of the three who called.

I called her and was impressed that she answered the phone on the second ring with a smile in her voice. She quickly understood the dilemma that I was facing as a small business owner trying to complete multiple tasks simultaneously. She made suggestions on the phone immediately as to how we could proceed to get my business in order and to reduce the number of tasks that I clearly was not cut out to do on a daily basis. She emailed me an MSWord document stating all the tasks that a VA could handle in her company and I was impressed on how easily she could fit into and manage my needs.

Overall, I liked Linda’s ability to be a forward thinker, her positive ‘can-do’ attitude and how quickly she ‘hit the ground running’ with any task I sent her to do.”

What has Nancy discovered about the pros and cons of working with a VA?
The pros of working with a VA:

  • Always available to work on a task on an “as needed” basis
  • Takes initiative
  • Communicates well via email, fax, or phone
  • Technologically in tune with how tasks can be accomplished without having to be situated in the same location
  • Capable of initiating a plan of attack to get a task accomplished
  • Efficient in completing a task that would otherwise take three times as long to complete
  • No employee overhead

The cons of working with a VA: Nancy admits she hasn’t discovered any yet!

In Conclusion. . .While many business owners still do not understand the purpose for hiring a VA, those that do are often apprehensive about contracting with a VA because of budgetary concerns. What they fail to realize is that they need to focus on bringing in sales and growing the business, instead of doing administrative work and other routine tasks associated with their business.

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